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Botanic Garden China 20 pc. Set

CODE: 7510018 RS

C$349.00 (C$394.37 inc tax)

Part of the Portmeirion China Collection.  This set includes 4 X  round Dinner Plates, 4 X  B & B Plates and 4 X Teacups... More 

Calla Lilly Champage Pewter/Glass Pair

CODE: 88TA-255P SG

C$150.00 (C$169.50 inc tax)

Gorgeous pair of champagne goblets with pewter base and glass flute.  Base is shaped like a calla lilly.  The pair are a popular wedding gift... More 

Candelabra 3 Branch 6 3/4" Candleholder


C$146.00 (C$164.98 inc tax)

Fabulous Pewter Candlelabra has three branches and sits 6 3/4" high.  It would look wonderful in a window setting or on top of a mantlepiece to give... More 

Hammered Oil Lamp 12" Base

CODE: 114 CH

C$152.00 (C$171.76 inc tax)

Hammered Pewter oil lamp with a bulb shape base and round finger handle.  The glass top is in a hurricane shape and the lamp base sits 12" high. ... More 

Hammered Oil Lamp 13" Base


C$236.00 (C$266.68 inc tax)

Pewter oil lamp in a hammered style is ball shaped and the base sits 13" high.  The base reflects light due to its finish and shines no matter where it... More 

Hammered Pewter Beaujolais Wine Goblets 8" High - Pair (2)


C$200.00 (C$226.00 inc tax)

Pair (two) of red wine goblets are hammered and have a vine design motif on the base.  They stand 8" high and are 3"deep.  A lovely... More 

Hammered Pewter Wine Goblets 8" High- (Pair)


C$200.00 (C$226.00 inc tax)

A Pair (two) of Wine Globets in a hammered design Pewter. The Goblets are 8" high by 3" deep  with a vine motif on the stem.  Hand crafted... More 

Pewter Georgian Bell Tankard 20 oz

CODE: 012177G RS

C$149.00 (C$168.37 inc tax)

Pewter Beer tankard is a traditional design and is in a satin finish. It will hold up to 20 oz. and can be engraved on the flat surface of the tankard.

Pewter Hip Flask 5 oz

CODE: 014575G RS

C$119.00 (C$134.47 inc tax)

Pewter Hip Flask is a shiny, bright and smooth design. Makes a wonderful gift for those males who are hard to buy for.

Pewter Poppy Style Vase 9"

CODE: 1079 CH

C$210.00 (C$237.30 inc tax)

Stunning and unique Pewter vase fashioned as a folded poppy.  It measures 9" high and 9" wide.  The vase loooks wonderful with a formal or... More 

Pewter Tankard 16 oz

CODE: 012148G RS

C$119.00 (C$134.47 inc tax)

Pewter tankard will fit 16 oz of your favourite beverage.  It is in a satin finish and is engraveable.  This mug is a sleek design with two bands... More