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Calla Lilly Champage Pewter/Glass Pair

CODE: 88TA-255P SG

C$150.00 (C$169.50 inc tax)

Gorgeous pair of champagne goblets with pewter base and glass flute.  Base is shaped like a calla lilly.  The pair are a popular wedding gift... More 

Hammered Pewter Beaujolais Wine Goblets 8" High - Pair (2)


C$200.00 (C$226.00 inc tax)

Pair (two) of red wine goblets are hammered and have a vine design motif on the base.  They stand 8" high and are 3"deep.  A lovely... More 

Hammered Pewter Wine Goblets 8" High- (Pair)


C$200.00 (C$226.00 inc tax)

A Pair (two) of Wine Globets in a hammered design Pewter. The Goblets are 8" high by 3" deep  with a vine motif on the stem.  Hand crafted... More 

Pewter Georgian Bell Tankard 20 oz

CODE: 012177G RS

C$149.00 (C$168.37 inc tax)

Pewter Beer tankard is a traditional design and is in a satin finish. It will hold up to 20 oz. and can be engraved on the flat surface of the tankard.

Pewter Hip Flask 5 oz

CODE: 014575G RS

C$119.00 (C$134.47 inc tax)

Pewter Hip Flask is a shiny, bright and smooth design. Makes a wonderful gift for those males who are hard to buy for.

Pewter Tankard 16 oz

CODE: 012148G RS

C$119.00 (C$134.47 inc tax)

Pewter tankard will fit 16 oz of your favourite beverage.  It is in a satin finish and is engraveable.  This mug is a sleek design with two bands... More 

Pewter Tankard 20 oz

CODE: 012165G RS

C$119.00 (C$134.47 inc tax)

Pewter tankard will hold up to 20 oz of liquid and is in a satin finish.  This tankard is engraveable and is a smooth, modern and sleek design with... More 

Rose Champagne Pewter/Glass Pair

CODE: 88TR-27 SG

C$150.00 (C$169.50 inc tax)

Champagne flutes are a traditional rose shaped Pewter base with glass flutes.  They come as a pair and make an excellent wedding gift.  Can be... More